• Apply for the GAICA

Apply for the GAICA

STEP 1Agree to the Terms

Please read and confirm the terms and conditions, consent clauses, etc. listed below.

  • 1. Important Information concerning Application and Use of GAICA Prepaid Card
  • 2. Consent Clauses for Exclusion of Antisocial Forces
  • 3. Consent Clauses for Handling Personal Information
  • 4. Terms and Conditions of GAICA Prepaid Card
  • 5. Special Conditions for GAICA Prepaid Card
STEP 2Fill out the Application
  • (1)Please enter the required information; your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. and click “Continue”.

    •  - “Purpose of transaction” is also a mandatory field. If this is still undecided, please enter the information as best as possible. Once your travel plans are confirmed please enter the information on to the Member-Only Site as soon as possible. To update the information, click “各種変更TOP (Change of details TOP)” →
      “その他の変更 (Other changes)” located on the top page.  The above-mentioned information needs to be registered correctly according to the terms and conditions. Please update the information whenever it changes.

    •  - If the customer is a minor over the age of 13, consent will be required from the parental guardian along with the “Purpose of transaction”.
STEP 3Upload Required Documents

Two ways of uploading the required documents pertaining to ID and My Number:

  •  (1)Those with the electronic file of required documents at hand are encouraged to click on the " Continue/Upload" button at the bottom of this page to upload it in the next step.

  •  (2)Those without the electronic file of required documents at hand may upload it later by following the instructions provided in the email titled "Request for ID Documents", which was already sent to your registered email address.

*The documents that you have submited will not be returned.

STEP 4Check Your Application Status

Your application is complete and in line for verification.
When verified, your card will be sent to your registered address. Delivery may be delayed if the application is made on weekends and national holidays.


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