How to use Member-Only Site

Suspend/Reactivate your card (Changing Card status)

The customer has the discretion to Suspend/Reactivate their cards for emergencies such as losses, thefts and if there are no plans to use the cards for long periods of time.

STEP 1Log into the Member-Only Site

Log into the Member-Only Site by entering the user ID and login password.

STEP 2Click on “利用停止・解除” (Suspend/Reactivate)

Click on “利用停止・解除” (Suspend/Reactivate) located on the Top page after logging in.

STEP 3Changing the status to either “利用停止” (Suspend) or “解除” (Reactivate).

Confirm the current status on the screen and click on “確定” (Submit).
The status of the card will change.

STEP 4Change complete

Once the screen for "change the status" screen is shown, the changing the status has been completed.

Once the changing the status has been completed, a “カード利用停止/解除のお知らせ” (Notice of cancelling Suspending your card) e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

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Member-Only Site

Members may log in with own user ID and password.

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