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Change transaction limit

Please be aware there are set limits for the amount or number of transactions for overseas ATM withdrawals and shopping (overseas and domestic).

Withdrawal from overseas ATMs Per transaction JPY 150,000
Per day JPY 300,000
Per month JPY 300,000

The ATM withdrawal limit for overseas ATMs will be set at 0 yen for customers who have signed up for GAICA (with Flex function) after November 18th 2018 . Prior registration will be required on the APLUS Member-Only Site to use this service.

Using card for making purchases overseas Per transaction JPY 1 million
Per day JPY 1 million
Per month JPY 1 million
Using card for making purchases in Japan Per transaction JPY 1 million
Per day JPY 1 million
Per month JPY 1 million

Amount equivalent converted into JPY.
One month refers to the 1st (0:00:00) day of the month to the last day of the month (23:59:59) in Japan Standard Time(JST).
Customers who have issued their cards before June 25, 2017 will have their Domestic (in Japan) shopping limit set at JPY0. Please login to the Member-Only Site and change the credit limit.
If the withdrawal limit is set within the allocated maximum amount, the withdrawal limit can be set freely in JPY10,000 increments.

STEP 1Log into the Member-Only Site

Log into the Member-Only Site by entering the user ID and login password.

STEP 2Click on “利用限度額変更” (Change Limit)

Click on “利用限度額変更” (Change Limit) located on the Top page after logging in.

STEP 3Enter the amount and click on “確認” (Confirmation)

Enter the amount and click on “確認” (Confirmation).

The limit set for foreign currency will be calculated in the foreign currency.

STEP 4Limit change completed

The change in the limit will be shown on the confirmation screen. Please confirm the information and click on “確定” (Confirmation).
Once the "limit change has bee completed" screen is shown, the change transaction limit will be completed.

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