Using Your Card

Refunds(GAICA Flex Prepaid Card)

You can refund the unused balance of your card.
With GAICA Flex Prepaid Card, the refund will be reflected immediately to your card balance.

< Important information about refunds >

  • The refund will be transferred to your Shinsei PowerFlex account and cannot be transferred to other financial institutions.
  • There are no fees associated with the refund.
  • Due to payment processing method of overseas stores, there are some cases in which the stores will claim for the difference in the exchange rate on a later date other than the day the payment was made. If there is a negative card balance, we will send a an e-mail “Notice of Insufficient Card Balance” to your registered e-mail address. Please follow the instructions for settling your balance.
STEP 1Log into the Member-Only Site

Log into the Member-Only Site by entering the user ID and login password.

STEP 2Click on “払い戻し” (Refund)

Click on “払い戻し” (Refund).

STEP 3Choose the currency and enter amount to be refunded

Choose the currency and enter amount to be refunded and click on “確認” (Confirm).

  • JPY amount will also be shown to the second decimal point
    i.e. 10,000JPY ⇒ JPY10,000.00
STEP 4Refund complete

The amount of refund will be shown on the screen, please confirm the information and click on “確定” (Complete) the refund will be completed when the "refund is complete" screen is shown.
A “チャージ・払い戻しのお知らせ” (Notice of Load / Refund) e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
Login to the Member-Only Site and confirm “利用明細照会” (Transaction inguiry Card Statement).

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