• User’s Guide

User’s Guide

Here are the instructions for the initial setting of GAICA and how to load funds, use overseas ATMs and update your information.
Please note the procedure may vary depending on your card type.


Getting Started

Card Activation (User Registration Procedures)Card Activation (User Registration Procedures)

To activate your card

Card activation is necessary to start using your card.

User ID RegistrationUser ID Registration

Your user ID is required to access Member-Only Site unless you are a GAICA Flex member.

Before using the card

Loading (GAICA Prepaid Card)Loading (GAICA Prepaid Card)

To load your GAICA Prepaid Card

Loading (GAICA Flex Prepaid Card)Loading (GAICA Flex Prepaid Card)

To load your GAICA Flex Prepaid Card

Auto Reload (GAICA Flex Prepaid Card)Auto Reload (GAICA Flex Prepaid Card)

Auto Reload performs automatic loading when the card balance falls below a predetermined amount (only in JPY).

Monthly Auto Reload (GAICA Flex Prepaid Card)Monthly Auto Reload (GAICA Flex Prepaid Card)

With Montly Auto Reload, you can automatically load a specified amount on a specified date each month (only in JPY).

Using your card

Using overseas ATMsUsing overseas ATMs

To withdraw in local currency from overseas ATMs

Using your GAICA card to make purchasesUsing your GAICA card to make purchases

To use GAICA Flex Prepaid Card at VISA merchants in Japan and overseas

Using overseas ATMsUsing overseas ATMs
Refunds (GAICA Prepaid Card)Refunds (GAICA Prepaid Card)

To refund your balance with GAICA Prepaid Card

Refunds (GAICA Flex Prepaid Card)Refunds (GAICA Flex Prepaid Card)

To refund your balance with GAICA Flex Prepaid Card

How to use Member-Only Site

Card balance
Your card balance inquiryYour card balance inquiry

Guide to checking your card balance

How to change your registered information
Change transaction limitChange transaction limit

To change your card usage limit

Suspend/Reactivate your card (Changing card status)Suspend/Reactivate your card (Changing card status)

To change your card status (stop/cancel the card)

Registering for a new passwordRegistering for a new password

To register your password

In addition, you can also change your registered postal address, email address or other registered information or cancel your card.

  • Reissuing a new card

    If you wish to change your password, you need to reissue a new card. Please contact GAICA Customer Service Desk.

  • Changing user ID/Login Password

    You can change your user ID and login password.

  • Changing your registered information

    You can change your postal address or e-mail address.

Member-Only Site

Your user ID and password are required to log into Member-Only Site.

Click here for Member-Only Site loginClick here for Member-Only Site login

Customer Support

Our staff are standing by for any inquiries, emergency assistance or procedures to ensure your safe, secure and comfortable use of our service.

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