Using your GAICA card to make purchases

You can make purchases with your GAICA card only up to the value available on the card.


A foreign exchange fees will apply if you have loaded funds in JPY and use your GAICA card overseas.
The foreign exchange fees will not apply if you have loaded funds in a foreign currency and you use your GAICA card in that currency zone (Only applies to GAICA Flex Prepaid Card).

Only the outstanding balance in JPY can be applied if you use your GAICA Prepaid Card in Japan. In that case, the foreign exchange fees will not apply.

STEP 1Show your GAICA card

Please show your GAICA card.
When asked if your payment will be one-time payment or in installments, answer “One-time payment.”

  • Your GAICA card can only be used for one-time payment.
STEP 2Pay with your GAICA card

Wave your GAICA card (If using Visa payWave)

Wave the card near the card reader (when using Visa payWave).

  • Some merchants may require PIN or signature.
  • If signing, be sure you use the same signature as the one on the back of the card.

Insert your GAICA card

Insert your card into the card reader and enter your PIN. Remove your card when prompted.

STEP 3Receive a copy of the receipt

Be sure to keep the customer’s copy of the receipt.

  • Some merchants may not offer a receipt.
STEP 4Confirm your statement of account on the Member-Only Site

A “ご利用のお知らせ” (Notification of use) will be sent to your registered e-mail address within one hour from card use. Once you receive the notification, please login to the Member-Only Site and check the amount, etc. on the card statement of account inquiry.

<Important information about making purchases with your GAICA card>

  • Not available using your GAICA card at the following merchants or shops.
    • ・Gas stations
    • ・Highway toll booths (Manned booths)
    • ・In-flight sales and sales on board ships
    • ・As deposit (guarantee of payment) for hotels and car rentals (Although you may use your GAICA card to settle your bill for hotels and car rentals.)
  • Depending on how overseas Visa merchants process payment, differences resulting from differences in the exchange rates, for example, may be deducted or refunded separately from the deduction for the payment.
  • Should a delay occurs in reporting sales by a merchant, or should a cancellation of purchase, return or change in the amount occur after card use, such amount may not immediately be reflected in the outstanding balance.
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